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Among the top programmers at Infosys (Expert Track) and work under the direct supervision of architecture and technology head Navin Budhiraja. I have 2.5+ years of experience in building recommendation systems, data-ingestion modules, developing responsive web applications and Restful APIs with a special taste for Information Retrieval, Content Processing & Enrichment and Search.
I am passionate about building smarter & intelligent applications which are responsive with good user experience. In my free time, I randomly try out different technologies / problems especially related to Machine Learning and AI.
J JavaScript ES-5/6 H HTML 5 C CSS 3 N Node JS J Java M MySQL E Elastic Search A Angular JS B BootStrap P Python R Recommendation System C Content Enrichment M Machine Learning
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This is a responsive to-do web-application, that follows Material-design pattern for better user experience. It has a 2-level to-do task classification using boards and task-list. It has the features like search and personalization.
Technology Used : Angular JS, Angular Material, HTML 5 localStorage, CSS 3
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This is a Auto-Typeing module that can be invoked based on key press event or on regular interval of time. This is fully written in TypeScript utilizing the ECMA Script 2016 / ES6 features and is transpiled to ES5. This has no dependency over any other library and hence provide a light-weight alternative for other auto-typeing modules, which generally depends on jQuery.
Technology Used : TypeScript, ECMA Script 2016 / ES6
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This project is actually a collection of different sub-projects related to canvas. It has independent effects which are generally independent of any other library, hence may not run on all the browsers (especially the old ones). All the effects are only tested on Chrome Browser.
Technology Used : TypeScript, ECMA Script 2016 / ES6, HTML 5 Canvas
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